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This Blog page is a place where our audience and guests can get personal and discuss their favorite shows, feedback for future shows or just express their perspective on a specific topic!

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Daily Updates!

I have been spending hours on registrations, recording guest interviews, sound intro & promo segments, working with advertisers and sponsors to get everything in place.

Most important I have been building our audience and distributing Two Party Podcast talk show across all audio platforms nationally and globally! Next I hope to start uploading more video content and live feeds to share with you guys. We can be found or heard on most major platforms finally and while I am doing daily thoughts and discussion episodes on my own I am recording guests and will be releasing those episodes as soon as we can get them launched!

AUDIO QUALITY! I have received feedback from several people about sound quality so now is a great time to address that topic! I have one Professional Mic that I normally use however it picks up sound so good you can hear accute sounds from outside when recording. I have recently been using a desktop Stereo mic that I can fine tune to get those background noises out with minimal editing. We have also been adding Acoustic Sound Panels to the studioo to remove some echo and feedback sound!

Thank You for your patience and support!

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