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This Blog page is a place where our audience and guests can get personal and discuss their favorite shows, feedback for future shows or just express their perspective on a specific topic!

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Getting Ready

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Two Party Podcast is working hard to deliver quality content. We have spent time setting up the website framework and linking our brand to every place we can so as to reach a greater audience.

We are booking guest by the handful and trying to record, edit and finalize all content. You will see or hear various rough samples across different platforms and websites so please be patient as we are testing sound, platform and the market each platform reaches for our content to fine tune the experience for you! Since this show is meant to be for you and about you!

We set up a Patreon account and are getting our sponsor packages and pricing ready. If you wish to sponsor Two Party Podcast talk show or be a monthly sponsor for some Ad time and mentions on the show please go to the contact page at and if you are wanting to be booked as a guest you can submit that on the contact page as well!

Last but certainly not least we need you to please Like, Share, Follow and spread the word that our Official Launch announcement will be the first week of September!

Thank you to those already sponsoring this venture and thank you for believing in me to make it happen!


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