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Lets discuss the show in detail

This Blog page is a place where our audience and guests can get personal and discuss their favorite shows, feedback for future shows or just express their perspective on a specific topic!

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Two Party Podcast updates!

Hey guys, we have not forgot about you!

We are spending time booking guests, updating hardware and software and most important going through your emails and suggestions!

I want to assure you that as a guest of the show your opinion matters and we are working on guests and content that you have requested!

Below is a new logo and branding logo designed by a graphic designer friend who offered her time for the show!

Thank You Mandie!

Please take time to listen to or watch the new episodes of guest interviews we just dropped for you and let us know what you think!

Also go check out Todd Atkins talk show where I had the pleasure of being a guest on his show to discuss podcasting and Tulsa!

Most importantly make sure to continue our challenge of helping others in support of Mental Health Awareness Month!

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